Baby meal

神戸有馬温泉 元湯龍泉閣

We offer a tray of 6 items prepared just for the comfort of babies:
Unseasoned, mashed weaning food for babies 4-8 months and lightly seasoned weaning food that includes grains for babies 9-12 months. Choose from our other items prepared for children that have passed out of the weaning stage.
WEANING MENU: For babies 4-8 months: spinach and whitebait, carrot and yogurt, plain rice porridge, steamed pumpkin, steamed potato, tomato dressed with tofu
For babies 9-12 months: tofu and tomato, spinach and whitebait, crushed natto or fermented soybeans, whitemeat fish, plain rice porridge, pumpkin, and yogurt
When ordering the Baby Meal Set, specify 4-8 months or 9-12 months by marking the correct box.