Complimentary Shuttle Bus

神戸有馬温泉 元湯龍泉閣

We runs a free shuttle bus connecting Taikobashi Bus Stop and Motoyu Ryuusenkaku.
It is convenient for sightseeing and eating out in Arima Onsen area.
It takes 3-5 minutes. Please feel free to use.

[ Free Shuttle Bus Information ]
■ The shuttle bus is available free of charge.
■ Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.
■ Capacity of the bus is 23 people.
■ The bus can not wait for a long time at Taikobashi Bus Stop. Then, the bus departs on time. It is better to give yourselves a little extra time when you wait the bus.
■ Depending on traffic conditions, the bus may run behind schedule.
■ The bus will departure as soon as it reaches seating capacity.
■ The operations will be stopped due to inclement weather such as strong wind, heavy rain, and heavy snow.

[ Timetable ]
■ Ryokan to Taikobashi Bus Stop
18:15 / 20:30
■ Taikobashi Bus Stop to Ryokan
18:20 / 20:35