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Child-friendly Services
  • Remarkably popular with children!
    We have made various services available so that parents of small children can be assured of an enjoyable 'onsen' trip.
    Children's Set Meal: ¥9,000 yen (year-round set price; available for 7-12 year old children staying in a two-meal plan room)
    Adult meal rates apply for all children over 13 years old and children 7-12 years old who opt to order an adult meal.
    1. A bath tax of ¥150 is required for adults and children of over 7 years old.
    2. Ryuusenkaku reserves the right to charge all guests a facility charge. This charge is included for adults and children paying for beds and meals. Toddlers and children 6 years old and under, sharing a bed with adults, must pay a separate facility charge of ¥1,500 yen when checking out.
    3. Prices for toddlers and children 6 years old and under are reduced duly if additional meals and futon or bedding are ordered. Yukata is available on loan free of charge.
    4. Meals for toddlers and children 6 years and above are served free of charge when accompanied by an adult guest ordering the Breakfast Buffet.
    Ryuusenkaku offers a variety of enjoyable facilities for children!
    Many diverse entertainment facilities ensure children also enjoy a pleasant ryokan stay. They will have hours of fun at the indoor swimming pool, Kids Room, Sky Park, and more.
  • Our indoor swimming pool (10m x 4m) is available for our guests all year round. The water temperature is adjusted in accordance with the season.

  • The Kid's Corner (Picture Book Corner) is a place where guests spending the evening at the inn can interact and relax.

  • Mini-golf course and open-air table-tennis table are available at Stary-Stary Sky Park.Bar counter is adjoined for drinking alcohol outdoors with Arima's mountain view.So, adults as well as children can enjoy the open-air space.

  • A relaxing and comfortable stay guaranteed for the whole family.
    Ryuusenkaku makes a variety of service items available to ensure family groups with small children will enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay.
  • For those traveling to an onsen resort, it is no exaggeration to say that the experience centers largely on the bath; however, for those burdened with bulky suitcases packed with children's bath accessories from home, the experience can be overwhelming.

  • Children 6 years and over are subject to overnight stay charge and a futon is provided. Also, for children 5 years and younger, we will prepare a futon when needed for an additional charge. (1 set 2,000 yen+tax)

  • We have a Baby Room with cheerful and bright atmosphere. Several items for baby milk and a baby bed are available for whole day and night.

  • Children's menu has a wide variety.
    For guests with small children, we have chairs with attached tables, dishes, and spoons for children, so please feel free to ask a room attendant when needed.
  • Children's meal

    We have developed a new children's menu. The food eaten during infancy is extremely important and closely related to brain functions and growth. We have incorporated unpolished rice, which is considered good for one's health and cereals to our meals in devising a menu with high nutritional value that is outstanding effect on the brain.(3500 yen+tax)

  • Baby meal

    A tray containing 6 types of baby food can be served to please every child's palate. Unseasoned mashed meals for babies 4-8 months, and lightly seasoned baby food with grains for babies 9-12 months can be prepared upon request.

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    To pray for your child’s healthy growth and not having to worry about food for the rest of his or her life, we can serve to prepare for Weaning Ceremony and Issho-mochi (1.8 kg rice cake) Ceremony for the first birthday. Also a party cake is available for your memorial trip.
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