神戸有馬温泉 元湯龍泉閣

Cakes are available for trips celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and similar events. Cakes topped with whipped cream or chocolate icings can be selected in 3 sizes.
No. 4 (3,500 yen +tax) ・・・recommended for couples.
No. 5 (4,500 yen +tax) ・・・recommended for families.
No. 6 (5,500 yen +tax) ・・・recommended for groups such as families traveling with grandparents.
For those guests with egg allergies, a whipped cream icing can be prepared without eggs. (Additional charge of 600 yen each)
At the time of order, please inform of congratulatory message to be written on cakes (up to 20 letters) and number of candles (up to 15 candles)
Please place order three days ahead of intended date of stay.